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The New Unemployment Log-in Process

Claimants will need both an OH|ID account and a traditional unemployment account to electronically submit claims and receive payments. Existing claimants without an OH|ID will be prompted to create one prior to accessing their account. New claimants will be prompted to create an OH|ID as part of the process of setting up their unemployment account.

Claimants must enter their Social Security number and PIN the FIRST time they access their online account. As part of the log-in process, they will be redirected to the OH|ID page and then redirected back to unemployment.ohio.gov. Subsequent log-ins will not require the PIN. 


Here are the basic log-in steps for new claimants. (For more details, please see the attached guide.) Note that the new step is step 2: 

Step 1: Go to unemployment.ohio.gov, click “Employee” in the center of the page, and then click “Unemployment Login” in the upper right corner. Read the “Release of Information” message and click “I agree.” Under “Unemployed Workers,” click “Login.”

Step 2: Enter and confirm your Social Security number.

Users will be redirected to the OH|ID log-in page.

Step 3: Click the “Create Account” button on the OH|ID home page.

Step 4: Complete the email verification process. 

Step 5: Follow the prompts to create an OH|ID account.

Step 6: After receiving the account confirmation email, log in to the OH|ID account.

Step 7: Select multi-factor authentication option.   

Step 8: Respond to the prompts to secure your account and verify your identity. 

Users will be redirected to unemployment.ohio.gov.

Step 9:  Create a new 8-digit PIN.  

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