Tornado Safety Information

What is the Outdoor Warning System?

The Outdoor Warning System is comprised of 39 sirens located throughout the county. The sirens are activated from the Sheriff's Office and are sounded to warn of a tornado. The Outdoor Warning system is designed to warn residents who are outside only. Outdoor Warning Sirens are not designed to be heard indoors so residence should also monitor local news via radio and tv to check for potential severe weather. The Fulton County Emergency Management Agency also encourages all residence to purchase a weather radio for indoor warning purposes.

What is a weather radio?

For more information on weather radios, please visit the National Weather Service NOAA Weather Radio website.

Where is the closest siren to my home or business?

A map is posted of all the outdoor sirens for Fulton County (PDF) on our website.

When are outdoor warning sirens activated?

  • The National Weather Service issues a Tornado Warning.
  • A public safety officer (police, fire or EMS) or trained spotter reports a sighting of a funnel cloud or tornado in, or near Fulton County.

When should I expect to hear testing of the outdoor warning sirens?

The outdoor warning sirens are tested on the first Friday of each month at 12:00 p.m. The sirens produce a loud steady tone during the monthly test as well as during an actual tornado warning. If you do not hear a siren during testing please report to the Sheriff's Office at 419-335-4010.

Will the sirens provide an "All Clear" Signal?

No. If Fulton County is threatened by a tornado, the sirens will be activated. No "All Clear" signal will be given. Please continue to monitor weather conditions through local television/radio, or listen to your weather radio.

What should I do if I am warned of severe weather?

You should immediately go inside. Once you are indoors, proceed to an interior room or hallway on the lowest floor of the building. Put as many walls as possible between you and the outside. Stay away from windows and doors. Get under something sturdy such as a table and if possible, cover yourself with a blanket or sleeping bag. It is strongly recommended that residents designate a shelter area for their home in advance and practice going to that area as a family.

If you are in an office building during a severe storm, seek shelter on the lowest level of the building. You can also use the fire escapes or restrooms as shelter areas. Remember to designate your shelter area in advance; there will be less confusion during severe weather if the location is pre-determined. Offices should hold tornado drills.