Fulton County Housing Coalition

The Fulton County Housing Coalition is a part of the Northwest Ohio HousingFacing Poverty in Fulton County Coalition (NWOHC).  NWOHC is a private nonprofit organization with the mission to coordinate housing resources and services for low to moderate-income persons with special housing needs in Defiance, Fulton, Henry, Williams, Paulding, and Van Wert counties.   

HomelessThe Fulton County Housing Coalition is focused on serving the needs of the homeless population, providing opportunities to donate, and expanding affordable housing.   

Many with good jobs live paycheck to paycheck, unable to get ahead or save for the unexpected.   With the cost of childcare, food, a car payment, car insurance, utilities, and fuel for the car, little remains for housing.    Find your dignity in poverty with this Online Resource Guide.

Poverty doesn't discriminate.  It doesn't care where you were born, the color of your hair, or if you are a product of the system.   The need is great, but the funding and support are limited.   Give dignity to those in poverty by donating to a local community partner.  Your donation is needed and greatly appreciated!

Fulton County Habitat for Humanity 

Northwestern Ohio Community Action Commission  

The Open Door of Delta

We are in a housing shortage which complicates the issue of finding affordable housing.  Wages vary and high-paying positions require certain qualifications, limiting individuals without the skill set or the ability to learn to the lower-paying positions without room to advance.  Full-time employment does not mean self-sufficiency.  Providing affordable housing to this segment of the population to promote self-sufficiency is key.  If you are a landlord or homeowner who is interested in promoting dignity in poverty by making your rental property available, please contact the Northwestern Ohio Community Action Commission at 419-990-5135.