Medicaid provides full medical insurance coverage to low income individuals and families. There are many types of Medicaid, including:

  • Healthy Start Medicaid - For pregnant women and children ages 0-18 years old that meet income guidelines based on the federal poverty level
  • Medicaid for seniors 65 years old and older, the blind, or disabled people
  • Medicaid for all families on Ohio Works First (formerly Aid to Dependent Children or ADC)
  • Nursing Home Medicaid
  • Waiver Medicaid with in-home nursing assistance and other services to elderly or disabled people who would otherwise be in a nursing home

Other Medicaid programs in Ohio include:

  • Healthchek Program
    • Healthchek offers preventative health care free to all Medicaid eligible individuals through 20 years old. Services include physical exams, dental care, vision, and hearing services
  • Pregnancy Related Services (PRS) Program
    • Pregnancy Related Services Program is a package of services available to all pregnant women who are Medicaid eligible. The services promote a healthy pregnancy with positive birth outcomes, including extensive pregnancy counseling and education, nutrition counseling, and care coordination (medical case management).

      These services are provided in addition to regular prenatal care. For women enrolled in a managed care plan, they have representatives to help the pregnant woman also.

Please visit The State of Ohio - Online Benefit Application website to see if you are eligible for Medicaid!

Reporting Changes

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