Real Property Transfers & Conveyances

The overall intent of these requirements is to provide a standard method for checking legal descriptions for deeds, easements, affidavits and other instruments that require the use of land descriptions.

It is the desire of this county to provide a service for the public to insure proper and accurate descriptions of property, to correct any errors that are evident, and to insure that property is accurately described for tax purposes. It is recognized that all situations cannot be covered by these requirements and when these situations arise, they will be handled as special cases by a group composed of the Fulton County Engineer, Auditor and Planning Director.

These procedures are in accordance with Sections 315.251, 319.203, and 5313.02 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Conveyance Standards / Land Transfer Policies (PDF)

Auditor's Office Fees

Conveyance Fees - $4.00 per thousand of the total consideration rounded up to the nearest $100.00. 

*Example: Total consideration for $100,001 ($100,100) would be $400.40.

Transfer Fees - $0.50 per parcel.