Owner Occupied Reduction

I received an Application for Owner-Occupancy Tax Reduction... What is this all about?

If you own and occupy your home, you may qualify for a tax reduction on qualified levies.

How do I qualify?

Applicants must own and occupy their home, or mobile home, as of January 1st of the application year as their principle place of residence.

How do I fill this form out?

Current Application:

If you are applying for the owner occupancy tax reduction for the next tax roll, check the box labeled Application for this year.

Late Application: 

  • If you believe you qualified for the previous year check the Late Application for prior year box.
  • If you mark that it is a late application you do not need to fill out another application to get the tax reduction for the current year.

I own a home in another county but am not living there.
Towards the bottom of the form, please fill out where you own the other home.

I never received a form and I qualify!

Please call the Auditor's office (419)337-9200, or stop by and pick up an application!