Solid Waste Disposal Rates

As of February 1, 2020 the solid waste disposal rates have changed:

Solid waste disposal rates for all waste generated from Fulton County (in-county):

  • Minimum Charge              $18.00 up to 400 pounds
  • Over 400 pounds              $0.045 per pound
  • Car Tires w/o Rims           $4.00 per tire
  • Car Tires w/Rims              $5.00 per tire
  • Truck Tires w/o Rims        $11.00 per tire
  • Truck Tires w/Rims           $13.00 per tire
  • Tractor Tires w/o Rims      $16.00 per tire
  • Tractor Tires w/Rims         $19.00 per tire

** Solid waste disposal rate for all waste generated from outside Fulton County (out-of-county or out-of-state) shall be charged double the in-county rate.

** All charges shall be rounded up to the next $0.50.

** All uncovered and unsecured loads entering the Transfer Station facility shall be charged $10.00 surcharge.

** No livestock, liquid, toxic, yard waste, highly flammable, appliances containing Freon, burn barrels or foam of any type/volume shall be accepted at the facility.

Fulton County Resolution 2019-1068.