Public Utilities



Wauseon recycling site open 24/7.

Remote recycling sites open except for Swan Creek and Fayette.

Sewer Update

  • Wet wipes are not flushable (event if the package says they are).
  • Paper towels are not flushable.
  • Disinfecting wipes are not flushable.

Please follow these 3 points, your sewer pipes and wastewater plant operators thank you. No one likes sewer clogs and backups.


The following are the typical County Department of Public Utilities duties and responsibilities:

  • Assist the public in providing water and sewer service within the County's Water and Sewer District.
  • Develop County water and sewer district compliance procedures as required by the Ohio Revised Code.
  • Direct the operations and supervise all staff of the Department of Public Utilities.
  • Establish programs and priorities for County water, sewer and solid waste infrastructures.
  • Manage all phases of projects, including; planning, funding, design, bidding, construction, progress meetings, change orders, payment requests and completion.
  • Maintain, review, and approve all specifications and plans for water, sewer and solid waste infrastructure projects.
  • Operate and maintain water lines, sewer lines, pump stations, and treatment facilities.
  • Plan the design and layout of water and sewer facilities.
  • Prepare and submit all required local, state, and federal reports.
  • Prepare contracts and negotiate with agencies to provide water and sewer services.
  • Coordinate the County's recycling and solid waste operations.