Small Claims Information

This Guide Will Not:

  • Provide Legal Advice
  • Make You an Authority of Small Claims
  • Guarantee that You Will Win Your Case or Collect a Judgement
  • Take Place of an Attorney
  • Answer All of Your Questions

This Guide Will:

  • Help You Understand the Small Claims Process

What is Small Claims Court?

Every Municipal and County Court in Ohio has a small claims division. It's purpose is to resolve minor disputes quickly, inexpensively and fairly.

Western District's small claims court is held at a time as set by the Judge, usually Tuesday mornings or Wednesday afternoons.

Is a Lawyer Required?

No one needs a lawyer in small claims court, but anyone can have a lawyer if he/she wishes. The procedure is much simpler than in regular court, and hearings are informal.

If you need an attorney, but don't know where to turn, call the Fulton County Bar Association. You may also contact the court and request a list of Attorney's. Please note that the court staff can not make any recommendations.

What Cases Can the Court Handle?

The lawsuits which a small claims court can hear are claims for money up to $6,000.00, and counter-claims for up to $6,000.00

Who Can Sue or Be Sued?

Any individual, company, business, or organization can file a claim or have a claim filed against them. A minor under 18 can use the court and/or be sued through his/her parent or guardian. The person who brings the action is the "PLAINTIFF" and the person against whom it is brought is the "DEFENDANT".