Why do I need to license my dog?
Ohio law requires that you license your dog. A license tag attached to your dog's collar proves ownership and is your pet's ticket home if he gets lost.

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1. When should I license my dog?
2. Where do I purchase a dog license?
3. Why do I need to license my dog?
4. Must my dog wear a license?
5. What if my dog’s license becomes lost?
6. Can I let my dog run loose if he is licensed?
7. What if I forget to renew a license?
8. What if I move?
9. Where do proceeds go?
10. What do I do if my dog gets lost?
11. What do I do if I find a lost dog?
12. When a dog is picked up by the Dog Warden what is the procedure/timeline for keeping the dog at the pound?
13. How long do you hold the dog to allow someone to find/call in about their pet?
14. If someone comes to claim their dog, do you charge a fee to pay for its boarding, food, etc. while at the pound?
15. If I pick up a lost, injured dog, what do I do? Should I take it to a vet?
16. If the dog is not claimed at the pound, what do you do next? How long does it remain at the pound? Does it go somewhere else?
17. What is your procedure for handling a neglect/abuse case?
18. Is there a way for a person to find out what was decided on the neglect/abuse case he/she called in?
19. Do you charge an adoption fee?
20. From where does the pound receive its funding?
21. Does the dog pound have an email address?
22. Do you board dogs for the general public?