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Community Fitness - Social Distance

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Trails and Adventures - 8 trails in 8 months - The Wellness Committee is excited to challenge all employees and CEBCO enrolled spouses, to find new trails or take to their favorite tails in and around Fulton County. The challenge is to go to 8 different trails in 8 months and capture a picture at each trail.  If you cannot visit a different trail each month, that is okay but spruce it up by walking in the opposite direction or start or stop in a different location. Participants will need to submit a picture monthly of the trail they walked listing the location and date that it was taken. Selfie or Scenic photos are welcomed.

  • March 11th, 2021 - October 14th, 2021 

Click for Trail Options. Trails can be any walk path or walking route it does not have to be a true trail.

Motivation and Goals for Home Exercise - Get tips on how to stay motivated when working out at home. Learn what at-home items can be substituted for gym equipment. Participant drawing - FCHC Classes*

Self Defense Learn how to defend yourself! Participant drawing - Kitty Key Chain


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