County Zoning Applications

Hello!  On this page, you will find the zoning permit application PDFs for the County-zoned townships of Amboy, Fulton, Franklin, & York.  If you are not located in one of these townships, please refer to your township tab located on the left side of the Regional Planning Commission's homepage.  If you do not know in which township you reside, email or call the Planning Commission and we will help you find out.

The PDFs can be completed electronically or by hand, and mailed, emailed, or submitted in-person.

NOTICE:  Due to complications relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, the postal system is behind in mail delivery.  We recommend alternative methods of application submission due to these circumstances.

Below you will find applications for:
  • Zoning permits
  • Zoning variances
  • Zoning amendments
  • Conditional uses (general and leased mobile unit)
  • Cellphone tower permits
  • M-3 zoning permits
At this time, the Planning Commission cannot receive electronic payments.  Cash or check are acceptable forms of payment.

Online Forms

Forms to Download and Submit

Zoning Permit Application

Zoning Variance Application

Zoning Amendment Application

Conditional Use Application

Conditional Use Application for Temporary Leased Mobile Units

Cellphone Tower Permit Application

M-3 Zoning Permit Application