SWCD Grant Programs

 2023 Fulton SWCD Grants

Fulton-Williams Conservation Initiative 

Includes watersheds: Beaver Creek, Brush Creek, Deer Creek, Mill Creek

  • Erosion Control Structures- $1900/str
  • Filter Strips: $400/ac
  • Grassed Waterway: $3800/ac
  • Water Control Structure: $1800/str
  • Grant Deadline: September 30th 2024


Western Lake Erie Agricultural Nutrient Trapping

Includes watersheds: Deer Creek, Mill Creek, Upper Bad Creek, Lower Bad Creek, Old Bean Creek, North Turkeyfoot

  • Water Control Structures: $1900/str
  • Filter Strips: $550/ac
  • Erosion Control Structures: $2500/ac
  • Grassed Waterway: $4000/ac
  • Bank Stabilization/Streambank Protection: TBD
  • Grant Deadline: December 31st 2025

Call the office for more information or if you have questions 419.337.9217

Updated 6.14.2023