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Welcome to the “Results” section of the Fulton County Board of Elections!
Within this section you will find both Unofficial and Official results for the Elections you are researching. For the current election you will be directed to our online source of results reporting. Here you will be able to view an Overall Summary of Totals including all voter precincts as a whole. You may also select and view precincts individually one by one.

The March 15, 2016 Primary Election Results are now in the historic section of the website.  Check back for the upcoming August 2, 2016 Election Results. 

UNOFFICIAL: The results as reported at the end of election night when all precincts have reported and absentees received by the close of polls have been counted.
OFFICIAL: The results as reported when the Board does the Official Canvass. These results are a combination of the re-tabulated unofficial totals with valid provisional votes and absentee ballots that were received during the allowed period of time after Election Day. These results are considered the FINAL results and are certified to be OFFICIAL by the Board.

As the precincts report, the Board will upload results periodically throughout the evening. Please note that the Absentee totals are updated first. The top of the summary report will indicate how many total precincts have reported and at what time the last update took place. You must refresh your screen throughout the evening in order to be as up-to-date as possible on Election night. It should also be noted that the unofficial results are not complete until the report indicates that 36 of 36 precincts have been counted and there is also the indication that ABSENTEE BALLOTS are INCLUDED.

DISCLAIMER: The Board of Elections endeavors to keep the information contained in this website updated and accurate; however, the Board of Elections does not warrant or guarantee its accuracy and you should not rely on the information contained herein. Verification of information should be made by calling or emailing the Board.